The Role of Social Services

In case you need more help at home, or you are considering moving to a sheltered accommodation or a residential or a nursing home, you should contact your local social services department who will conduct a care assessment with the aim of identifying what kind of care that you need. You have the right to assessment irrespective of your ability to pay for the care you might need. After care assessment has been completed, social services will be in a position to advise you on the type of help they may provide to you. Here's  a good read about  meer informatie, check it out! 

Can I stay in my own home?
Pin case you want to stay in your home, the council must facilitate this. You are entitled to delivery of meals, help to adapt your home to enhance safety, help with heating your home as well as help with garden maintenance. In case you need a higher level of support, social services can organize for a carer to frequently visit your home depending on the level of your needs.

What if I need to go to a residential or nursing home?
In case your assessment indicates that your needs can be met in the best way possible in a nursing home, then they will organize financial assessment, looking at your income, capital and as assets to determine the amount you may have to pay towards your fees. It is important to see to it that you receive all the financial benefits to which you are entitled since the financial assessment will assume that you receive all correct benefits and as such, they will calculate your contribution to the fees accordingly. To gather more awesome ideas on  visuele jaarcijfers opstellen, click here to get started. 

After your financial assessment, social services should help you choose a care home, and despite your council contributing to your fees, you have the right to choose which home care you want to live in. Nevertheless, you need to select a home which is suitable for your needs and one that has a vacancy, for the social services to support your choice. Besides, the charges ought to be below what the social services normally pays for a person with your level of needs. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference. 

Can I go to a home in a different area?
In case the social services have assessed your needs and have agreed to pay the home fees, they will still be responsible if you decide to go to a home which is in a different area. Many people want to move to a home closer to families and friends. As long as the home selected fits the criteria, the funding will continue.